Aurélien Bossard

Ph.D. in Computer Science

  • France
  • email : hidden (you can use the contact form above)
  • Webpage :
  • 32 years old, driving license, personal vehicle

University Curriculum

Ph.D. in Computer Science, Université Paris 13 - Institut Galilée, Villetaneuse, "Contribution to Automatic Multidocument Summarization".
Supervized by Thierry Poibeau, mention "très honorable".
Master degree in Computer Science, Université Paris 13 - Institut Galilée, Villetaneuse, "Towards a Predicative Lexicon For Information Extraction", Grade B pass, ranked 2nd.
Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Université Paris 13 - Institut Galilée, Villetaneuse.



Professional Curriculum

LecturerIUT de Montreuil - University Paris 8 - LIASD, Montreuil (93)
Research on Automatic Summarization :
  • Development of new sentence similarity metrics for sentence selection ;
  • Development of a new summarization algorithm using genetic algorithm ;
Work environment : Java, Perl, Python - Linux
Research on sports training planification :
  • Development of a training planning platform ;
  • Collaborative work with Wiener Universität ;
Work environment : PHP, MySQL, Javascript - Linux
Postdoctoral Fellowship, LIMSI - CNRS, Orsay (91)
Research on named entity (NE) recognition in a multilingual context :
  • Development of corpora sampling tools ;
  • Development of named entities transfer from one language to another, using parallel corpora ;
  • Collaborative work on automatic acquisition of NEs annotation rules.
Work environment : C/C++, Perl, Python - Linux - Git
Postdoctoral Fellowship / Research Engineer, Orange Labs, Lannion (22)
Research on automatic summarization (AS) :
  • Development of a news AS prototype ;
  • Collaborative work on persons presentation;
  • Workshop on synthetic presentation of politic interventions during 2012 presidential campaign.
Work environnement : Java, Perl, Python, XHTML - Linux, Windows - Eclipse
"Attaché temporaire d'enseignement et de recherche", LIPN - Université Paris 13 & CNRS, Villetaneuse (93)
Research on automatic summarization (AS), teachings at the "IUT de Villetaneuse" :
  • AS platform optimization using a distributed genetic algorithm ;
  • Master internship management;
  • Teachings : Systems/Network, 2nd sem (36h) ; Architecture, 1st sem (36h) ; Web prog, 3rd sem (24h).
Work environment : Java, C/C++, Perl - Linux - Eclipse
Doctoral fellowship , LIPN - Université Paris 13 & CNRS, Villetaneuse (93)
Research on automatic multidocument summarization :
  • Strategizing a new multidocument AS method ;
  • Development of a news AS platform ;
  • Development of a blog opinion oriented AS platform (collaborative work)
  • Participation in TAC AS evaluation campaign ;
  • Development of a distributed genetic algorithm (for AS optimization)
  • Participation in Infom@gic project (part of Cap Digital) ;
  • Teaching (Institut Galilée's computer science dpt) : Imperative prog, 2nd sem (2x 50h) ; Imperative prog, 4th sem (36h) ; NLP Project, 2nd sem (12h) ; System/Network, 2nd sem (12h) ; Professional project, 1st sem (14h) ; Software Engineering, 2nd sem (16h).
Work Environment : Java, C/C++, Perl, Matlab - Linux - Eclipse
Master Internship, LIPN - Université Paris 13 & CNRS, Villetaneuse (93)
Research on information extraction using predicative lexicon.
Work environment : SQL, Perl - Linux - Unitex
July/August 2005
Internship, Napier University, Edinburgh (UK)
Internship on thermal captors signal processing :
  • Development of captor's protocol analysis tools ;
  • Development of a thermal picture zones discrimination tool.
Work environment : C/C++ - Windows - Studio


Web developer / Webmaster
Development and administration of several websites, urls on demand.
Work environment : php, html, css - Linux - Joomla!, drupal, worpress
Developer, Gipilab, Paris
Developer for Gipilab laboratory ( Work environment : php, html, css - Linux
Holiday camp activity leader, Several employers, France


Bilingual : Several trips in native US and Australia host families, a summer school at Stanford University.
Fluent : Several trips in native german host families.

Computer skills

C/C++, Java, Perl, Python, Bash, XHTML, Matlab
Web prog
php, javascript, mysql, html, css
SQL, Oracle
Joomla!, Drupal, Wordpress
J2SE, Apache, Jdbc
Git, Unitex/Intex, Eclipse, Studio, Gimp, Photoshop
Linux (Mandriva, Ubuntu, RedHat, OpenSUSE, Debian), Windows, Unix (Solaris)

Non professional activities

Lyric singing
Bass, postgraduate student in music school, member of Opus21 choir and "Comédiens de la marquise" company.
Postgraduate student in music school.
Rowing pratice at a national level.

Selection of publications

Aurélien Bossard. Generating Update Summaries : Using an Unsupervized Clustering Algorithm to Cluster Sentences. Theory and Applications of Natural Language Processing. Springer, 2013.
Aurélien Bossard and Christophe Rodrigues. Combining a Multi-Document Summarization System – CBSEAS – with a Genetic Algorithm. volume 8 of Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies. Springer, 2011.
Aurélien Bossard, Michel Généreux, and Thierry Poibeau. Description of the LIPN Systems at TAC 2008 : Summarizing Information and Opinions. In Text Analysis Conference 2008, Workshop on Summarization Track, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland USA, 2008.
Aurélien Bossard, Michel Généreux, and Thierry Poibeau. Résumé automatique de textes d’opinion. In Agata Jackiewicz, Marc El-béze, and Susan Hunston, editors, Opinions, sentiments et jugements d’évaluation, volume 51 no 3 of Traitement automatique des langues. Hermès, 2011.